Aquatic Program Classes and Books from Aquatic Partners - Outdoor pool in Fort Collins, CO

Our Mission—

to prepare aquatic workers for successful Aquatic Management positions.

Our Materials—

create your own swimming program classes, books and CDs
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conferences, texts and CDs that present the latest aquatic concepts and principles, reinforced by many years of practical experience. These materials are specifically geared toward those who aspire to be Swimming Pool Managers, Aquatic Directors, and aquatic business owners.
• The Pool Manager CD provides advice, based on years of experience, so that the first managerial experience will be easier and less traumatic!
• After serving as a pool manager, the usual next career move is to become a full-time administrator in an organization that has at least one year-round facility. The Certified Aquatic Director text and CD offers preparation for this greater responsibility. This certification program is presented two ways: at the annual ASCA World Swim Clinic, and via home study.
• A person with entrepreneurial instincts wants to be their own boss. Owning an aquatic business such as a pool management company, and/or a pool with a teaching/competitive/wellness program, and/or a retail swim shop is a logical goal. The Aquatic Businesses section provides texts and CDs for these options.

Our Background—

Aquatic Partners is collaboration between Robert Clayton, EdD. and Don Van Rossen, PhD. (retired), each of whom has received professional recognition for their many years of ...
• leading national aquatic groups.
• directing aquatic programs in universities.
• conducting workshops throughout the U.S.
• certifying hundreds of students as aquatic directors.
• authoring texts and articles related to aquatic professional education.
• teaching thousands of students in swimming techniques, lifeguarding, and water safety. 970.493.4124